Posted by: rmostell | June 19, 2009

Support Peace, Justice and Freedom in Iran

Iranian Flags – Show your support for the people of Iran – Insert the Iranian flag everywhere – on your webpage, blog, wiki, twitter, facebook  –

Iranian Flag

Iranian Flag since 1979 Islamic Revolution

More Iranian Flags:

Iranian Flag 1933 - 1964

Iranian Flag 1933 - 1964

Iranian Flag 1964 - 1979

Iranian Flag 1964 - 1979

Republic of Iran in Exile (Paris) 1979 - 1980

Republic of Iran in Exile (Paris) 1979 - 1980

The top band of color (Green) in the Iranian Flag represents Islam (the religion) and is being used symbolically by the political supporters of  former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi who are protesting the results of the 12 June 2009 presidential election in Iran.  These supporters claim that the current Iranian government led by the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stole the election from Mousavi in favor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the current President of Iran.

The Boston Globe has published many excellent photographs of the recent protests in Tehran:

Follow the recent events in Tehran on Twitter using the hashtags:  #iranelection #gr88

You  can also show your support for the Iranian protestors by adding a green overlay or green ribbon to your Twitter avatar (photo):

I have chosen to use the flag to represent ALL Iranians in their search for peace, justice and freedom in their homeland on Twitter and Facebook

I just added a second Twitter channel dedicated solely to this subject:  Peace, Justice and Freedom in Iran

Ned Agha-Soltan

Neda Agha-Soltan

Neda Agha-Soltan will be loved forever.

Front page story, Los Angeles Times, 23-June-2009 –

Twitter hashtags: #neda #iranelection #gr88

@RayMosteller on Twitter

This says it ALL:  We Want Democracy

We Want Democracy

We Want Democracy

From minute 7:01 in

Here’s another nice background image from using the flag colors that you could use on Twitter (or other websites) to show your support:


More information about the History, Meaning and Controversy of the Iranian Flag:



  1. Thanks for your support.
    please use a simple Iranian flag of Green/White/Red, with no Allah word or Arabic letter at edges.

  2. Thanks, I’m looking for a simple Iranian flag without the other symbols. I can only find these on Wikipedia.

    Would the 1964 – 1980 flag from the Pahlavi Dynasty with the lion in the center be more appropriate?

    @rmostell on Twitter

  3. IRAN: Iranian Flag stirs debate at U.S. protests in Los Angeles against Iran election results – LA Times

    @rmostell on Twitter #GR88 #IranElection

    Anyone have a simple Green + White + Red flag?

  4. Iranian people have become an example for people in other countries that live under dictatorships.

    Cubans inside and outside the country admire the people of Iran, and Cubans and Cuban blogs and forums are following with attention the situation.

  5. Ray, I feel so fortunate to know you! I aspire to emulate you! My brother in law of blessèd memory was an emigré from Iran. Most of his entire family is still trapped in the clutches of that mad, completely insane regime. He and my sister were blessed with 3 children, all of whom carry Iranian surnames and have hosts of relatives that they have never met. The last time that they saw their Iranian grandparents was at my brother-in-law’s funeral- over a decade ago. They had to bribe everyone and everything just to get out for a brief visit. They were forced to return because of their other children and grandchildren back in Iran. Who knows what is happening to them now? I worry about them and all the Iranian people. Russell

    • I saw yesterday the movie Persepolis.
      I strongly recommed it for those that would like to know the recent history of Iran in a very quick, entertaining and informative way.

  6. hi. i am steudent in tehran. we want freedom .we dont want khamenei .

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