Posted by: rmostell | March 5, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

Jon Mott said it perfectly in his blog The End in Mind so I won’t try to repeat him but just copy what he said below:

To Blog or Not to Blog

“It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. At first my blog-silence was due to being busy with other things–wrapping up the semester, getting ready for the holidays, etc. Then I decided to take some time off, unstring the bow, so to speak.

Now as I get back into the swing of things, I realize I need to blog again. I jumped in to this blog last year thinking it would be a great way to share ideas and get feedback on things I was working on or thinking about. And it has been. But over the last month I’ve realized there’s another hugely important benefit of blogging. Keeping a blog has been a great way to organize my own thoughts, to force myself through the methodical process of making points more clear than when they’re just bouncing around in my head. And I’ve missed it.

So, whether anyone else has missed my musings or not, I’m returning to my regular routine of blogging at least once a week because it helps me sort through all of the chaff and make better sense of the complicated world I confront every day. And if I offer an insight or two along the way that helps you do the same, all the better.

And I’ve (re)learned an important lesson about the value of metacognition in the learning process . . . “

Thanks, Jon.

Reading Jon’s words caused me to reflect on my own experience.  Blogging is hard work.  You need to clearly organize your thoughts and express them in a way that others can understand and relate to.  You need to look up your references and make sure you are giving proper credit to others for their words and ideas.  You need to put your thoughts in clear context of what others have said or written.  But isn’t this what we want to teach our students to do.  Now the shoe is on the other foot!

A little reflection can go a long way!



  1. Dr. Mosteller – You said it: Blogging is therapeutic. It does require you to write well. It sometimes take a lot of time to write one blog post so that it will be clear to the readers.

    And, whenever I can’t sleep at 400 a.m. (because cats are fighting outside, snowplows are going up and down the road, etc.) that becomes an opportunity to think about what to write on my blog next. Very productive use of time… that 400am thinking session is. Gets deep into the peripheral brain.

    Please continue blogging!

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