Posted by: rmostell | August 19, 2008

Medpedia Looking for a Few Good Doctors

Medpedia is a new collaborative project designed to collect and share information about health, medicine and the body. Medpedia is created by a privately owned web development company, Ooga Labs, located in San Francisco and involves a collaboration of four major universities (Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Berkeley). Currently Medpedia is calling for contribution of content and for editors to work on the project. The planned launch date is “end of 2008”. If successful, Medpedia could change health sciences education forever. This will depend a lot on the hard work and generosity of its contributors and editors to create high-quality educational materials.

About Medpedia
Preview site

Read the July 25, 2008, Wall Street Journal blog.


There is no apparent relationship between Medpedia and Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.

Ooga Labs has also created a social-networking website, GoodTree, that enables users to support their favorite causes.



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