Posted by: rmostell | June 28, 2008 Ethics, Morals, Copyright, and Intellectual Property? ?

Recently I became aware of the website Thanks to Sandra Chrystal (Marshall School of Business, USC) for pointing out this website. The name implies that the purpose of this website is for students (and faculty?) to post their tests to share with others although the stated purpose of is: “This is a website for students and faculty to exchange educational material including tests, notes and assignments.”

This website raises a lot of issues about ethics, morals, copyright and intellectual property rights. Who owns the contents of these educational materials: the student who received these materials or took the tests? the professor/instructor who created the course materials including the tests? or the university (institution) that enrolled the student, paid the professor/instructor? Hmm? it’s not that simple, is it?

News story on Inside Higher Ed:


How do you feel about this?


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